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Program production monitoring

Time: 2018-11-19

Requests and questions: When making a program outside, you need to configure a portable multi-camera monitoring system to serve the director’s program production. That is, the screen of each camera should be transmitted to the director’s monitoring command center in real time.
Solutions: Wired/wireless video encoder, HD video decoder
At the site of the show, configure a high definition video encoder for each camera, and push the encoded streaming to the IP network through a wired/wireless network(such as wifi or 4G); configure a HD decoder in the director’s monitoring command center. The decoder is used to connect the display and the network. The director can view the shooting image of each station in real time and conduct command and interaction.
Features: Ultra low latency for video transmission, portable and low cost.
Diagram: Cameras- wired/wireless video encoders- Network- HD video decoder- Monitoring display center
Cases: HuNan TV “Summer Sweetie” program, HuNan TV” Run for time”program.