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Outdoor live broadcast

Time: 2018-11-19

Requirements and questions: The outdoor TV broadcast needs to be equipped with a guided car, a satellite car, a technical service team, etc., and the production cost is high and the resource allocation is difficult. So this time a portable, low cost, small team-made solution is needed.
Solutions: Wired/wireless video encoder, portable network broadcasting system
At the site of the show, configure a high definition video encoder for each camera, and push the encoded streaming to the IP network through a wired/wireless network(such as wifi or 4G); configure a set of network broadcasting system at the program site or the TV station. The transition director can manage each of the captured video stream, such as screen switching, logo addition, subtitle management,etc. The manged screen can be transferred to the TV station for play.
Features: Portable, support low-bandwidth transmission, low cost.
Diagram: Cameras-wired/wireless video encoders-network- Network Broadcasting system- TV station