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Kiloview successfully delivered the national-level JiaoLong manned submersible video transmissio

Time: 2018-11-02

The Jiaolong Manned Submersible is a deep-sea manned submersible designed and independently developed by China. It is also a major research project in the National 863 Program. It is owned by China Ship Scientific Research Center , Shenyang Institute of Automation , The Institute of Acoustics (IOA) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS) and About 100 Chinese top research institutions and enterprises have been jointly developed by the Institute of Acoustics. In July 2012, the “Jiaolong” manned submersible created a Chinese manned dive record of 7062 meters in the Mariana Trench, and also created the world's largest dive depth record for similar types of submersibles.

In order to meet the requirements of the deep sea exploration video transmission function of the Jiaolong manned submersible, in June 2018, CSIC Heavy Industries Group Co., Ltd. selected Changsha Kiloview as the only one among several video coding technology strength manufacturers through the national public bidding evaluation. The supplier is responsible for the development and delivery of the Snapdragon submersible video transmission system. In just 4 months, under the strong research and development team of Changsha Kiloview , the set is highly integrated (12-way code integration), ultra-low latency performance (within 200ms end-to-end), and can run 24/7. The national-level video transmission system will be delivered smoothly and will serve Chinese deep-sea exploration scientific research in the future.
Since its establishment more than ten years ago, Changsha Kiloview has been deeply cultivating in the fields of video encoders, decoders, converters and streaming media services. Following the service of China Satellite Communications Group's satellite signal transmission system in early 2018, the successful delivery of China's top scientific research project, the Jiaolong video transmission project, is a strong confirmation of Changsha Kiloview’s technology advancement and quality excellence. At present, Changsha Kiloview’s products and solutions have covered many industries such as radio and television, new media live broadcast, education recording and broadcasting, surgical teaching, telemedicine, security monitoring, satellite signal transmission, deep sea video transmission, etc. We sincerely welcome your inquiry and suggestions.