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Game, entertainment, finance, conference, activities and some other indoor online live broadcast

Time: 2018-11-19

Requirements and questions: A professional and low cost live broadcast system is required. And then a small production team can complete the live webcast production.
Solutions: wired/wifi video encoder, network broadcasting system
Register the live broadcast address on the webcast platform and configure the wired/wifi video encoder to connect the camera, then push the streaming to the target live broadcast address. The viewer can watch the program in real time on the network and WeChat.
Diagram: Camera-Wired/wifi video encoder-webcast platform- watch on PC or WeChat.
In addition, for multi-camera program that requires transition director to switch, we can provide a portable network broadcasting system to realize multi-screen switch, image editing, logo addition, subtitle addition and some other functions.
Diagram: Cameras-wired/wifi video encoders-webcast platform- network broadcasting system- watch on PC or WeChat.
Features: Convenient and low-cost program production system, everyone can make programs.
Cases: Beijing live broadcast company.