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  • Some decoders or decoding software cannot correctly decode the encoder’s video and audio

    The encoder adopts High Profile H.264 standard for video encoding. Those decoding systems that are not compatible with High Profile H.264 may not be decoded correctly; the audio encoding is AAC-LC, the decoding system which is not compatible cannot be decoded correctly.
    If you enable the encoder with low latency or ultra-low latency encoding technology, due to compatibility problems may lead to not decoding.

  • ONVIF software cannot connect the RS485 interface (or USB to RS485) of our encoder to control PTZ

    The encoder only supports PTZ control of Pelco-D protocol and Sony Visca. If you need to support other protocols, please contact the manufacturer or reseller.
    Please connect the RS-485 cable correctly, and set the baud rate parameter correctly.

  • ONVIF software cannot discover the encoder

    The encoder supports ONVIF 1.1 / 2.0, please check whether the ONVIF software is compatible with our encoder .
    Our encoder follows the ONVIF specification, the HELLO broadcast messages will display when starting up; the ONVIF software will display PROBE broadcast message when detect the device. If ONVIF management software cannot support these detection mechanisms, or because of firewall/NAT policy limits the broadcast message, you can manually fill in the following service address to the ONVIF:http://<IP address of encoder>/onvif/device service.

  • Encoder often crashes

    (1)Excessive RTSP connections or high encoding bit rate may cause overload and lead to the encoder not working ;
    (2)Frequent signal loss may also lead to the encoder not working;
    (3)The encoder working temperature is -20 ℃ to 60 ℃. Inappropriate working temperature may lead to the encoder not working.
    (4)In poor network environment, as the decoder uses RTP over TCP to connect the encoder, repeated network transmission may lead to the network throughput overload and encoder not working.

  • After a certain number of connections, the video comes out serious mosaic or image stagnation

    Please reduce the number of connections. The encoder's network output traffic capability is limited. With difference of video resolutions, frame rate and bitrates, the number of concurrent connections is limited (In principle, the total output traffic should not exceed 40 Mbps).

  • WEB management interface displays unusual

    WEB management interface can log in normally, however the picture is not displayed correctly, or page layout confusing. Please check and try: 
    (1)Recommended Browser: Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari. 
    (2)Check whether the third-party plug-ins installed in the browser affect WEB display, such as anti-virus software plug-ins, JS script blocking plug-ins, etc.
    (3)Please try to delete the browser's temporary file, then refresh the page.
  • Cannot pass authentication of Web interface

    When open the encoder WEB management interface, indicating for authentication, but cannot login via user name and password. Please check and try:
    (1)Whether the name and password is correct;
    (2)Whether the keyboard Caps lock
    (3)Please try to cold reboot the device then log in again;
    (4)Restore factory settings.
  • Cannot access the WEB management interface

    Please try to Ping to detect whether it is connected.
    If the encoder's IP address cannot be connected, please check whether the network connection is normal, or network settings are correct (if necessary, please restore the device settings).
    If the IP address of encoder can be connected, but cannot access the WEB interface, firstly check your browser's settings (such as a browser proxy settings); exclude browser issue, then make sure that the encoder is behind a firewall/ NAT device, if yes, please carry out normal port mapping on the firewall / NAT devices. Once all these problems excluded, still unable to access the encoder WEB interface, please try to restore the device to factory settings.
    After all these done, the problem is still there, please contact the manufacturer or reseller.

  • LINK indicator is flashing or off

    It is normal when LINK indicator is flashing (or off) at the time of the encoder powered on within one minute. After the encoder is successfully enabled, the LINK indicator is always on, otherwise off.
    IF the LINK indicator is off, please check the network connection and device startup.
    If the LINK indicator is always flashing, it may due to the failure of the device. How to detect the failure: you can try to Ping the IP address of THE encoder, or use the WEB browser to open the management interface of the encoder. If they can Ping through, or WEB access is normal, then the encoder is normal; otherwise the encoder is failure, please contact the manufacturer or reseller for repair.

  • After powered on, PWR indicator is flashing

    After powered on, the encoder's POWER indicator should be always on. If PWR indicator flashes, please check the power adapter firstly:
    (1) Whether it is the original power adapter of the device;
    (2) Check the voltage standard. Our encoder supports a wide 12V~24V DC input range, but it is recommended to use a 12V DC input.
    (3) Whether the output power meets the requirements of the encoder. The encoder's maximum power (full negative) is 7-8W.
    If the power adapter is ok, but PWR indicator is still flashing, it may be caused by the device failure or illegal repair. Please contact the manufacturer or supplier for repair or replacement.

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