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Distance learning

Time: 2018-11-19

Requirements and questions: A set of distance learning video transition system, to push the professor’s teaching video to different viewers.
Solutions: Wired video encoders, webcast IP address, HD video decoder.
Register the live broadcast address on the webcast platform, configure the video encoder to connect to the camera, then push the streaming to the target webcast address.The students can listen to online video on the network and WeChat. And it can realize voice intercom. And if you need to listen at a large screen, you will need to configure a HD decoder to decode the video and output it to the large LCD screen.
Diagram: Camera- Kiloview wired video encoder- webcast platform- watch on PC or WeChat.  /  Camera- Kiloview wired video encoder- webcast platform- HD decoder- large LCD screen.
In addition, if you need two-way video interaction between the teaching end and the viewing end, you can install a set of wired encoder and HD decoder on both end.
Features: Low-cost, can realize high definition live broadcast.